Introduction - MathematicsExams is a place for everyone who wants to improve his mathematical skills with a professional experienced tutor via on-line lessons. It does not depend how old are you and what grade of study do you attend. helps to Czech international students throughout their elementary / secondary / university studies at all levels of study. All types of lessons are individual and tailored-made just for your needs. The long-term experienced tutor leads you to your success. Are you interested in regular long cooperation or only in a few lessons before your test? Contact me!

Why to Choose Maths Tutoring with Me?

Each lesson is individual, where only one student is online. Aren't you Czech? It does not matter, that is why all meetings are fully in English! I am a long-term experienced tutor who has prepared international students for their entrance / final exams since 2013. And because most of you are pretty busy, Mathematics tuition is online wherever you are, so no commuting is required. Every student is different, everyone needs a different approach with different needs, therefore the tutor will arrange your tailored teaching plan until the examination. For better understanding, the tutor's notes are available on the screen of your smart device. The schedule of lessons is flexible, it means, you are allowed to change the date of your meeting by your time preferences or agree to an extra weekend session.

Math Entrance Exams Tutoring

Preparation for Mathematics entrance examination to secondary / high schools or universities with Mathematics tutoring from via online lessons is suitable for all pupils and students, who are interested in professional guidance with an experienced tutor. Do you wish to be a student of ECP / PBIS / PORG / Riverside school / American Academy or others? Let's get ready together!

Lessons are focused on your Math weakness with stress on deep revision according to the list of required topics of your chosen school. Each topic is explained, shown on several worked examples and then you become an active part of the session - you actively train during the lesson with the lecteur. The tutor makes her notes simultaneously on the screen and so everything is clear. Afterall, you will get HW for exercising and testing your knowledge.

Mathematics tutoring in English for the entrance examination can be arranged more times a week or just once a week - the frequency of meetings depends on the date of the Maths exam.

School Math Tests Tutoring

Sometimes, in any year of study, there are moments when every student needs any help with current school Mathematics topic and any leader will be a great benefit to him / her. If you feel this way, now is the time to find professional support from an experienced tutor.

Mathematics tutoring in English for your school tests is fully online, so no commuting is required that saves your time. Your revision with a tutor can start any time during a school year. Math cooperation can be short and focused on one topic from your syllabus, or otherwise longer or by the end of the school year.

The school review can be conducted by your students´ book, teacher´s working sheet, questions from official past papers or tutor's question bank. Because the student is an active part of each lesson, you will exercise a lot during every session.

MOCK Math Exams Tutoring

MOCK Exams, usually in January or February, are a great opportunity to assess your Math knowledge before your IGCSE / GCSE and IB in May session. If you do well, you will be more confident through your final examination, less nervous and work with an open mind.

Do you know about several topics in which you are weak? Or are you considering a complex revision before Mathematics MOCK Exams? Let's do a complete repetition together! Because all types of tutoring in Mathematics are online, you do not waste your time and can be maximally focused on your review.

The checking consists of a few parts: an active working with the tutor during lessons, your own working - when you check that everything is clear, going through the examination past papers, filling school assignments and doing HW in your free time before the next meeting.

IGCSE / GCSE Mathematics Tutoring

In the 11th year of study, the IGCSE / GCSE Mathematics Examination comes and a lot of students want to do it well, especially international students in Czech Republic, because most of them head for the IB Diploma Programme and later usually to any foreign university. The IGCSE Maths Exam is one of the most popular qualifications for 14 to 16 year olds. In general, students get grades A - G or 9 - 1, at the chosen level, the grade expresses success or failure.

The tutoring in IGCSE Mathematics prepares the student complexly from all required topics from the syllabus - theory of numbers, basics of algebra, trigonometry, basics of probability, functions, shapes and prisms, logical word problems, equations and their simultaneous, simple and compound interest and geometry.

GED Mathematics Tutoring

Mathematics tutoring in English for GED Mathematical Reasoning, which prepares you well for getting a high score from this part of the examination. The tutor will revise your knowledge of all four required parts - Basic Maths / Geometry / Basic Algebra / Graphs and Functions and guide you to understand them well.

Frequency and length of lessons are based on your targeted score. The minimum is a score of 145, which is GED Passing Score and have to be gained from all four subjects of your examination. GED College Ready means to get a score between 165 - 174 that expresses you are ready for college studies. And GED College Ready + Credit is a score from 175 to 200 where you get 10 college credit hours.

IB Mathematics Tutoring

Since 2013, I have been guiding Czech international students during their 2-year IB Diploma Programme for 16 - 19 year-olds and have been preparing them for the final Mathematics examination in the May or November session.

From 2020, there is a new system of levels:

Tip for You: Usually students choose their level according to the university application. However, if you want to attend any university in the Netherlands, then it is possible to choose SL instead of HL and take a summer course at Boswell Beta Institute after the final examination.

EPSO Mathematical Part

Mathematics Preparation in English for EPSO Mathematical Reasoning Part with the tutor, who will explain you a system of typical types of questions, show you a numerical working out and make a review of basic numerical operations, decimal numbers, percentages and other important details, which are required for the success.

Of course, you may watch online videos or learn from yourself from free sample tests. Nevertheless, an active cooperation with the lecteur is much more useful, not only because you can ask any question of the working out during the lesson. Book your examination date and let's get ready together!

Price List

The following charts contain price lists of all available types of Mathematics Tutoring in English by in various lengths.

Do not hesitate and choose the most suitable length of lessons in your selected online tutoring in Mathematics!